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Powerzone 100 - Automatic Ozone Sterilizer

Powerzone 100 - Automatic Ozone Sterilizer Accessories Scandia


Powerzone 100 - Automatic Ozone Sterilizer

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Safely Sterilize Your Home of Harmful Bacteria with the Push of a Button



Safe Sterilization - Utilizes O3 molecules to sterilize the room, leaving no residual waste or chemicals behind.

Suitable for 1000 ft3 - The Powerzone 100 can sterilize rooms sized up to 1000 ft3.

Wall Mounted - Wall mounted unit that is plugged into an electrical outlet and can be moved from room to room.

Integrated Timer - Can be controlled based on your room size, with run times between 10 - 60 minutes.



The Powerzone 100 effectively eliminates unwanted germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. The Powerzone generator manipulates oxygen molecules (O2) to create an O3 molecule which destroys harmful microorganisms on contact. 

O3 performs 3,000x faster than chlorine as a bactericide and 5x faster than ultra-violet ray for air and water treatment. O3 is the safest and most powerful oxidant known today.

The Powerzone 100 has a built-in digital timer up to 60 minutes which can be set depending on the size of the room being sterilized. Set-up is simple, as it can be plugged straight into a standard 100V outlet. To use, just set the timer; make sure that the room is free from humans/pets, and then close the door. 

After the timer has run out, wait for the O3 to completely dissipate before re-entering. It leaves no waste to be thrown away or residual chemicals to be absorbed into skin/hair/lungs.

Room Size

Run Time

O3 Dissipation Time

500 - 1000 ft3

60 minutes

15 minutes

400 - 500 ft3

45 minutes

15 minutes

200 - 400 ft3

30 minutes

10 minutes

100 - 200 ft3

20 minutes

10 minutes

Up to 100 ft3

10 minutes

10 minutes

Note: The Powerzone 100 should only be used in rooms free from humans/pets and the room should not be entered until 30 minutes after the Powerzone has cycled off.

The Powerzone 100 can also be used to sterilize rooms remotely, sterilize produce, or even sterilize clothes and loose items in a bag by using the connecting tube provided.

If you’re using the Powerzone 100 for commercial use, you can communicate to your customers that you are a Certified Clean-Site. We can arrange for free Certified Clean-Site signage to post throughout your place of work and online. The printed and digital signage materials will include everything your customers need to know to better understand what it means to be a Certified Clean-Site.


  • Optional remote room sterilization: Connect tube and place the tube end in empty room (e.g. under door). Turn on the system.
  • Optional produce sterilization: Submerge your produce in a bowl of water. Place the tube end (with soapstone) in water. Run for 10 minutes.
  • Optional clothes/loose item sterilization: Place clothes/other articles in a plastic bag or plastic bin. Place the tube end into the bag or cut a small hole in a plastic bin to insert the tube. Run the system for 10 minutes.
  • Clean-Site Certification for commercial use.



Recommended Room Size

Minimum: 100 ft3
Maximum: 1000 ft3