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Stainless Center Lid

Arteflame Stainless Center Lid Accessories Arteflame


Stainless Center Lid

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Covers Your Arteflame Grill Pit - Keeps snow and debris from the pit of your Arteflame grill.

Fits Arteflame Cooktops - Fits all Arteflame 40”, One Series 30” and 20” grills.

Extinguishes Your Fire - Simply place your cover over the fire, thereby extinguishing the flame.

Stainless Steel - Made from 100% Stainless Steel

American Made - Designed and made in the USA, using US steel.



The Arteflame Stainless Center Lid covers the center opening of your Arteflame grill, protecting it from snow, leaves, or other debris from entering. 

In the fall or winter months, you’ll no longer have to scoop out loose leaves or snow before building a fire in your Arteflame. What’s more is that the stainless steel center lid can also extinguish the fire when you are finished cooking.

The center lid can be left outside all year round due to its stainless steel construction, and just like your Arteflame grill, it requires virtually no maintenance!

Please note that the sizing co-relates to the Arteflame Grill and that this center lid may not be compatible with covering all grill openings. This lid is tailor made for our Arteflame products.


  • 100% US Stainless Steel
  • Keeps debris from entering the fire bowl
  • Extinguishes fire once you’re finished grilling
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Can be left outside year round
  • Made in the USA