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Cedar Life

Mini Steam Phyto Sauna

Mini Steam Phyto Sauna Saunas Cedar Life

Cedar Life

Mini Steam Phyto Sauna


Emulate A Sauna Experience With Minimal Space



Compact - Take up minimal space with this phyto sauna designed for one person.

Cedar - Crafted from the finest Eastern Cedar for optimal benefits and aromas.

Minimal Power Requirements - The phyto sauna uses the same amount of electricity as your average household kettle.


The Mini Steam Phyto Sauna could be just what you need if you are looking for the benefits of a home sauna but lack the space. The phyto sauna utilizes an in-built steam generator to gently increase the heat, emulating the effect of the coveted steam that you experience by throwing water over sauna rocks (known as ‘löyly’).

Phyto saunas are a compact, easy to use, safe, and affordable option if you are looking to engage in home sauna use, but don’t quite have the space for a conventional sauna. Simply sit in the sauna, and close it around the body, leaving your head out of the sauna; free to breathe in the cool external air. This prevents the face, eyes, and mucus membranes from being put under thermal stress.

This phyto sauna has been crafted out of Eastern Cedar due to its lightweight and durable construction, as well as for its aromatic and bacteria repelling properties.



  • Floor-mounted
  • Eastern Cedar wood
  • Built-in steam generator
  • Self-timer



Dimensions (inch.)

Width: 30.7”
Depth: 39.4”
Height: 52.2”