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Harvia M3 Wood Burning Stove

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Harvia M3 Wood Burning Stove

Bring a Traditional Element to Your Sauna Experience



Wood Burning - Wood burning stove with stones for a traditional sauna experience.

Efficient Heat & Air Circulation - Superior design and construction ensures evenly distributed heat.

Glass Door - Allow the glow of the fire to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Chimney & Heat Shield Add-on - Optional add-on depending on your style and needs.



The Harvia M3 is a black graphite wood burning stove with a classic yet modern design. It is suitable for smaller saunas and can be equipped with a chimney and heat shield.

By burning suitably dry wood, this sauna heater is exceptionally efficient in radiating heat and circulating air. Designed with a glass door at the front of the stove, you will easily be able to see the wood burning, bask in the warm glow of the fire, and be able to visually gauge the amount of wood needed.


  • Wood burning stove
  • Graphite black color
  • Glass stove door
  • Chimney add-on
  • Heat shield add-on





Output kW



99 lbs


Width: 15”
Depth: 18”
Height: 28”

Recommended Sauna Room

Minimum: 212 ft3
Minimum: 459 ft3

Stone Capacity

Maximum: 66 lbs

Fire Chamber Cover

5 mm

Diameter of Smoke Outlet

115 mm


The Harvia M3 wood burning stove comes with a 5-year limited warranty on parts and workmanship.