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Medical Saunas

Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna (2 Person)

Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna (2 Person) Saunas Medical Saunas

Medical Saunas

Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna (2 Person)

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Purpose-built Hot Yoga Sauna For Your Daily Practice



âś“ Suitable for 2 People - Compact design but spacious enough for two to enjoy.

âś“ Hot Yoga Sauna - With maximized internal space and removable benches, you can practice yoga in your own home.

âś“ Removable Benches - Removable benches allow you to reap the benefits of an infrared sauna while giving ample room to stretch and even work out.

âś“ Infrared Sauna - With 9 built-in Ultra Full Spectrum Infrared heaters, this sauna powerfully emits heat for an invigorating sauna experience.

âś“ American Made - Designed, developed, and hand assembled in the USA.



The Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna has been built with removable benches so that you can practice hot yoga in your own home, allowing the heat to penetrate deeply through your body for improved flexibility. This is the industry’s first purpose-built Hot Yoga Sauna.

This sauna is masterfully crafted with only the finest Canadian Hemlock wood and features an improved aesthetic with a full tempered glass front. Hemlock is known for its durability and medicinal properties, and has traditionally been used for a variety of ailments. With this hemlock construction and Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™, you’ll leave your sauna with your skin feeling tightened and refreshed.

The Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum has nine built-in ultra full spectrum infrared heaters that evenly emit heat with improved efficiency and strength for a powerful experience. The Medical series have been specifically designed to improve blood flow, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night’s sleep. 

With the Rapid Internal Heating System™ and Energy Efficient Heating System™, you can ready your sauna rapidly so that you can dive straight into your hot yoga practice. The Omni-Directional Heating™ ensures that heat is evenly distributed for a soothing experience, sure to help you improve your flexibility and strength.

The infrared heating method is further boosted with the Insulated Airflow System™ and 3D Heat Therapy™, which provide optimal air and heat circulation that penetrate deeply into the body’s tissue and cells as the temperature rises.

Additionally, the Medical 6 Ultra Full Spectrum comes with an integrated speaker system which allows you to connect your audio using Radio, CD or AUX/MP3. The sauna also features Chromatic Therapy System™ and Exterior Mood Lighting for the perfect atmosphere. Your sauna can be preset using the Simple Touch LED Control Panels™, which can be found both on the interior and exterior of the sauna so that you can adjust your settings accurately and safely.



  • 100% Natural Canadian Hemlock
  • Purpose-built Hot Yoga Sauna
  • Removable Bench Seating
  • 9 Ultra Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters
  • Hot/Cold Cleansing System™
  • Detox System™
  • Insulated Airflow System™
  • Rapid Internal Heating System™
  • Energy Efficient Heating System™
  • 3D Heat Therapy™
  • Safe Cool Down System™
  • Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System™
  • Simple Touch Interior/ Exterior LED Control Panel™
  • Chromatic Therapy System™
  • Clasp-together Assembly
  • Roof Vent
  • Tempered Glass Door
  • Speaker System with AUX/MP3 Connection
  • Radio & CD Player Functionality
  • Exterior Mood Lighting
  • Included Protective Heater Covers
  • Ergonomic Backrest Included



Power Usage/Amps

Amperage: 15 Amp
Voltage: 120 V
Wattage: 1800 W

Internal Dimensions

Width: 48”
Depth: 44”
Height: 74”

External Dimensions

Width: 52”
Depth: 48”
Height: 78”


355 lbs


The Medical series of saunas are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under typical/residential use for a period of three (3) years, from the date of receipt of product by the original end-user consumer, as applicable. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or natural weather conditions. Any damage caused by misuse or negligence shall not be covered by the warranty, and neither thermaliving nor the manufacturer are liable for any injury or damage incurred. This warranty is a parts only warranty and any service or labor costs would not be considered as part of the 3-year warranty.