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SaunaLife Outdoor Garden Sauna (6 Person)

SaunaLife Outdoor Garden Sauna (6 Person) Saunas SaunaLife Scandia Ultra 9kW


SaunaLife Outdoor Garden Sauna (6 Person)

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Unleash Tranquility in Your Backyard - European Style


‚ústSuitable for up to 6 People¬†- Spacious, tall ceilings inside with deep Thermo-Aspen benches for ultimate comfort.

‚úď European Craftsmanship -¬†Brilliantly engineered to create an outdoor home sauna with the quality of a custom-built cabin.

‚ústEfficient Air & Heat Circulation¬†- The design encourages proper airflow, insulation, and heat efficiency.

‚ústModern & Cozy Lighting¬†-¬†This sauna includes a¬†white LED¬†Light Bar System controlled¬†via a Wi-Fi App.

‚ústEasy Install -¬†Packaged in a ready-to-assemble kit¬†for your ease and convenience.



Experience the true essence of a premium-quality Scandinavian sauna with the SaunaLife Garden Series outdoor home sauna kit. Transform your backyard into a tranquil haven where relaxation and well-being thrive.

Indulge in the spaciousness of the 6-person SaunaLife Outdoor Garden Sauna, designed to accommodate friends and family. Smooth, two-tier I-shaped satin-finish aspen benches allow bathers to sit higher in the room for a more intense sauna experience. Natural light emanates from the full-glass front and large side windows, accentuating the spaciousness of this sauna and highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

Crafted to stand the test of time, the SaunaLife Garden Sauna features a premium-quality spruce exterior, offering exceptional protection from the elements. Its weatherproof sloped roof ensures a warm and dry sanctuary, while its lockable framed tempered glass door closes confidently and securely, using professional-grade hinges and a corrosion-proof aluminum handle.

Engineered to exceed expectations

Precise engineering The Model G4 sauna kit is brilliantly engineered to create an outdoor home sauna with the quality of a custom-built cabin. Ingenious interlocking exterior spruce wall sections fit tightly together ‚Äď like the construction of a log cabin ‚Äď providing incredible strength and rigidity. The structure‚Äôs base extends to a rugged front porch, ensuring a stable and secure entry into the sauna.

This sauna is packaged in a ready-to-assemble kit for your ease and convenience. Wi-Fi enabled LED Lighting strip for the ultimate sauna ambiance control, a hand-held remote control is also provided for on/off/dim operation. A complimentary bottle of paraffin oil, a natural wax, is provided to enrich and preserve the interior luster. 

Aesthetic Elegance: Embracing both modern and rustic elements, the SaunaLife Outdoor Garden Sauna seamlessly blends into any backyard setting, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home. With meticulous attention to detail, the craftsmanship of this sauna is evident throughout, from panel fitment to construction quality.

Precision-crafted in Northern Europe, the SaunaLife Outdoor Garden Sauna stays true to the region's sauna bathing heritage. Enjoy the incredible benefits of a sauna that is an integral part of everyday life, right in the comfort of your own backyard.

Heating Options
For an enhanced ambient experience we recommend pairing your barrel with a 9kW heater- we've presented you with 3 ideal heater pairing options - with the Scandia Ultra 9kW, the HUUM 9kW (Wi-Fi enabled), or the Harvia M3 Wood Fired Heater and Chimney Kit - please reach out to our team if you'd like your sauna to be paired with a different heater. 



  • Premium Nordic Spruce wall beams (1.75‚ÄĚ thick)¬†
  • Knot-free, silky-smooth grade-A Thermo-Aspen seating¬†benches
  • Sauna Heater & Sauna Stones
  • Full clear tempered glass front (5/16‚ÄĚ thick)¬†
  • Side clear tempered glass window for the ideal nature sauna experience (5/16‚ÄĚ thick)¬†¬†
  • Benches of grade-A Aspen (1.1‚ÄĚ thick bench tops, no knots)¬†¬†
  • Backrests of grade-A Aspen (no knots)¬†
  • Roll-on self-adhesive asphalt roof kit¬†
  • White LED light bar system (Wi-Fi or remote-controlled)¬†
  • Reversible door and front glass elements to suit any backyard oasis¬†
  • Reversible side window to customize the ideal layout¬† ¬†
  • Bench supports¬†
  • Air exhaust vent¬†
  • Nordic Spruce floorboards¬†
  • Treated ground frame¬†¬†
  • Terrace floorboards¬†¬†
  • Nordic Spruce Roof boards¬†
  • Exterior trim¬†
  • Sauna Wood Paraffin Oil, 16.9oz (500ml)
  • Fasteners¬†
  • Assembly kit¬†¬†
  • Roof drip edge for rainwater management
  • Flooring Kit
  • Interlocking-beam construction allows for natural expansion and contraction and exacting fit¬†
  • Upper bench skirt to conceal under-bench views and comfortable lower bench sauna bathing¬†¬†
  • Unrivaled rot and moisture resistance with exceptional stability and durability




SaunaLife Outdoor Garden Sauna G4

  • Exterior height - 97‚ÄĚ (front) and 83‚ÄĚ (back)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • Exterior depth and width at the foundation - 97‚ÄĚ deep (includes modifiable 16-¬Ĺ" porch) and 81-¬Ĺ" wide¬†¬†¬†
  • Exterior depth and width at roofline - 111-¬Ĺ" deep and 98‚ÄĚ wide (eave to eave)¬†
  • Interior depth and width - 78-¬Ĺ" deep and 78-¬Ĺ" wide¬†¬†
  • Interior height - 92‚ÄĚ (front) and 82-¬Ĺ" (back)¬†¬†


~1650 lbs.

Packaged Size

103"L x 44"W x 40"H

Heater Info:

Scandia Ultra Sauna Heater 9kW
240v/ 1PH

240v/ 1PH 


The SaunaLife Garden Sauna comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The SaunaLife Garden Sauna shall be free from defects in workmanship under normal conditions of use and service for the lifetime of the sauna for residential applications after delivery to the original retail purchaser. This warranty is limited to making good any factory-assembled component which in the judgment of Thermaliving and the manufacturer is deemed defective in workmanship. The warranty does not cover normal material wear, natural weathering of the lumber, or installation or delivery of components and applies only to the original retail purchaser. This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance of the sauna (e.g. tightening of bands on the barrels, cleaning, or staining the sauna), so please refer to your sauna assembly manual and sauna care guide for maintenance guidelines. Any damage caused by misuse or negligence shall not be covered by the warranty, and neither Thermaliving nor the manufacturer are liable for any injury or damage incurred.