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Grill Grate Replacements for Gas / Electric / Charcoal Grills

Grill Grate Replacements for Gas / Electric / Charcoal Grills Accessories Arteflame


Grill Grate Replacements for Gas / Electric / Charcoal Grills

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Carbon Steel - Built with carbon steel; optimal for your grilling experience.

Multiple Sizes - These plancha griddles come in a variety of sizes, suitable for many different grill types.

American Made - Designed and made in the USA, using US steel.



The Arteflame Grill Grate Replacements turn any standard grill into a plancha style griddle top. Made from 100% carbon steel for improved heat distribution and shock resistance. 

The cooktop allows you to grill seafood, steaks, burgers, vegetables and much more, while eliminating any slots which the food might fall through, so you can get that delicious smokey flavor without burning your food.

You can use wood or charcoal to light your grill, completely up to you. The cooktops and grill grates have been made using Carbon Steel. In case you were wondering what the main difference is between carbon steel and cast iron, it’s that carbon steel contains 1% carbon compared to cast iron having 2-3% carbon. Carbon steel can better withstand inconsistent heat distribution, which is a better option for grills, as heat is never uniform.

Typical plated grill grates contain Cadmium, but we make sure that these do not contain any impurities or imperfections. Furthermore, the extra thick construction will ensure that with proper care, these grill grate replacements will last a lifetime.

Note: As there are multiple different sizes, please measure your grill first to ensure that the grill grate replacement fits appropriately. Many people also buy the size they like best and just lay it on top of the existing grill grates.


  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to maintain
  • Extra thick
  • 100% carbon steel