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Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair

Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair Therapy Chairs Kyota Brown


Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair

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Rejuvenate and Recover With This 4D Massage Chair




Advanced 4D Back Massage Mechanism - Advanced massage technology for a smooth, fluid deep-tissue massage.

Intelligent Voice Command + Control - Hands-free feature works with an intelligent voice control system, allowing you to activate programs simply by asking.

Complete Calf™ Kneading + Oscillation - Oscillating rollers help to relieve tension and pain in your lower legs, restoring circulation and flexibility.

TrueFit™ Body Scanning- Body scanning technology tailors massages to your body, hitting your unique pressure points.

Total Sole Reflexology - Built-in triple shiatsu rollers provide reflexology relief, which helps your whole body.




The Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair is an easy-to-use, superior quality massage chair that allows you to customize your massages, so that they are perfect for you. 

The Yosei M686 4D is one the best equipped massage chairs in the Kyota lineup, designed to leave your body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, as if you were tended to by a professional masseuse. The 4D Back Mechanism works the length of your spine, helping to soothe and relax your muscles. This is enhanced by the lumbar heat technology, which warms and relaxes your muscles so that they can settle and reap the full benefits of the massage.

The Triple Roller, Total Sole Reflexology™ gives you a foot massage that will leave you walking on clouds. If you find that a particular setting suits your tastes, simple use the MyMassage™ Memory Programs to store your favorite programs. The integrated unique Air Ionizer helps to improve the air quality around you, facilitating healthy oxygen intake. Along with the built-in Bluetooth Speakers, you can be sure that you can control your environment to suit your needs, while you sink into pure bliss.

After your massage, recline and allow the Kyota Yosei M686 to lull you into a deep and comforting sleep with 170 degree recline. The Zero Wall Fit™ Space-Saving Technology requires only 1” of space behind the backrest at any given position, so there’s no need to worry about space.


Advanced 4D Back Massage Mechanism

Advanced massage technology combines in & out motions at varying speeds, with sweeping left-right and up-down motions, to create 4D a human hand-like deep-tissue massage that is smooth and fluid.

Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology

Full triple rollers per foot create the most Reflexology coverage available in any massage chair sending therapeutic relief throughout your body.

Weightless Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity elevates your feet up over your heart to improve overall circulation and reduces gravitational force on your spine for a sense of weightlessness.

Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology

Space-saving design, slides the chair forward when reclining, taking up less space in your room.

Complete Calf ™ Kneading + Oscillation

The ultimate in lower leg relief. Rollers combine with oscillating movement and compression air cells to simulate hands gently relieving tensions and pain.

TrueFit ™ Body Scanning

Body scanning technology ensures that the massage rollers hit all of your unique pressure points by adjusting the position of the rollers and tailoring them to your body.

Lumbar Heat

Heating modules located in the back of the chair provide a soothing warmth and help loosen your muscles.

Premium Bluetooth Speakers

Use your phone or Bluetooth device to create your world of relaxation.

Integrated Air Ionizer

the chair contains a small vent near the headrest to facilitate healthy oxygen intake by emitting negatively charged ions to reduce intake of pollutants.




  • Airbag Compression Therapy
  • Decompression Stretch
  • Automatic Footrest Extension
  • Enclosed Total Foot Massage
  • 49” L-Track
  • Chromotherapy Mood Lights
  • Waist Twist Therapy
  • Triple Foot Roller Total Sole Reflexology
  • MyMassage™ Memory Programs
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • USB Charging Station
  • 9 Auto Programs






Upright Dimensions

Width: 33”
Depth: 60”
Height: 45”

Reclined Dimensions

Width: 33”
Depth: 70”
Height: 32” 

Operating Voltage

Connect the chair power cord to a grounded 110V electrical outlet


285 lbs 




  • Unlimited USA-based customer & technical support
  • 4 Year structural framework warranty
  • No-cost replacement on covered parts for 2 years
  • Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor (in-home, if necessary) for 1 year

For In-Home service, Kyota will arrange all covered parts deemed necessary, to be sent to the consumer and, if necessary, an authorized service provider to repair the product at the customer's residence, at no charge to the customer. If a particular part is no longer manufactured, Kyota may replace your product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Kyota is no longer responsible for making repairs under the warranty coverage.

Any repairs needed during the 3 year parts warranty coverage, Kyota will provide covered parts at no cost; however, consumer is responsible for any and all shipping, duties and brokerage fees on parts not covered by this warranty or covered but outside of the coverage period. Structure warranty is limited to the steel and steel-welded parts of the frame. If a replacement is issued under the Parts or Structure warranty period, the consumer is responsible for shipping, duties, and brokerage fees related to the replacement. Kyota, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace any defective part within a reasonable time frame. Field Service is only available in the United States. Field Service requires pre-approval and, if necessary, must be performed by Kyota-authorized field service personnel to maintain warranty coverage.