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Pine Pod Sauna (8 Person)

Pine Pod Sauna (8 Person) Saunas ALEKO


Pine Pod Sauna (8 Person)

Sauna Pod Large Enough For 8 People To Enjoy Comfortably



Suitable for up to 8 People - Extra large construction with internal benches, which allow 8 people to sit comfortably.

External Porch - External porch allows for 2 people to be seated outside, where they can cool off between sessions.

Pine Wood - Crafted out of premium Pine wood - a softwood known for its heat insulating properties.

Efficient Air & Heat Circulation - Arched design encourages proper air flow and heat efficiency.


Crafted out of Pine Wood, this sauna mimics the shape of a barrel sauna with its curved edges and vaulted ceiling, retaining all of the benefits in terms of air and heat circulation, yet maximizing the internal space so that up to 8 adults can enjoy the sauna.

This model is crafted to form a tight seal so that heat is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. Pine is also renowned for its insulation properties, keeping the heat in for longer periods. In between sauna sessions, you can step outside and cool down on the built-in porch with seats for two.

It includes built-in flat flooring and solid wood benches, which you can sit or lie down on. The benches are perfect for up to 8 people to relax and enjoy the sauna in comfort. A great option for larger group gatherings.

This sauna comes as a kit, and includes solid pine cradles, inbuilt vents, and a variety of different accessories so that you can get going as soon as it is assembled. The included bitumen shingle roofing will help to protect your sauna from the elements and prolong its longevity. The sauna is packaged in a ready-to-assemble kit for your ease and convenience and can be put together in just a few hours using the step-by-step guide provided with each purchase.

Finally, this sauna also includes a 9 kW electric heater and stones, which can be controlled by a touch screen control panel. The heater included is designed to heat for a maximum of 60 minutes at a time to comply with safety guidelines. Should you wish to prolong your session, simply reset the timer and continue.



  • Pine Wood
  • Tempered glass door
  • CE and ETL Certified 9 kW sauna heater
  • Sauna lava stones
  • Bitumen shingle roofing
  • 2 sturdy benches

Along with this sauna, you will also benefit from these additional accessories (included for FREE):

  • 9 kW ETL Certified Sauna Heater
  • Bucket & Dipper
  • Wooden Sand Timer
  • Sauna Lamp
  • Thermo-Hygrometer
  • 45lbs of Sauna Lava Stones
  • Gray Shingle Bitumen Roof



Heater Adjustable Temperature Range

158 - 194 °F

Power Usage/Amps

Voltage: 240 V


Width: 117.6”
Depth: 93.6”
Height: 94.8”

Wood Thickness

Approx. 1.2”

Glass Thickness

Approx. 0.3”

*Please remember that your heater should be installed by a Licensed Electrician.



This sauna is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under typical/residential use for a period of three (3) years, from the date of receipt of product by the original end-user consumer, as applicable. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or any damages caused by natural weather conditions. This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance of the sauna (e.g. tightening of bands on the barrels, cleaning, or staining the sauna), so please refer to your sauna assembly manual for maintenance guidelines. Any damage caused by misuse or negligence shall not be covered by the warranty, and neither thermaliving nor the manufacturer are liable for any injury or damage incurred. This warranty is a parts only warranty and any service or labor costs would not be considered as part of the 3-year warranty. Furthermore, the sauna heater included with this sauna is warranted for a period of one (1) year, with the same conditions.