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Weber Grill Grate Replacement Inserts

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Weber Grill Grate Replacement Inserts

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Fits Weber Grills  - Built to fit the custom cooktop for Weber 18” to 26” grills perfectly.

Carbon Steel - Built with carbon steel; optimal for your grilling experience.

Center Grill Grate - The cooktop includes the center grill grate, so you don’t have to buy it separately.

American Made - Designed and made in the USA, using US steel.



The custom cooktop is built from US carbon steel and fits perfectly with your Weber grill, coming in a variety of sizes (18” to 26”).

The cooktop allows you to grill seafood, steaks, burgers, vegetables and much more, while providing additional grill space to work with if you want the perfect sear. These cooktops come in different sizes depending on the size of your Weber grill. The cooktop comes with the center grill grate, so you don’t have to purchase it separately. 

You can use wood or charcoal to light your grill, completely up to you. The cooktops and grill grates have been made using Carbon Steel. In case you were wondering what the main difference is between carbon steel and cast iron, it’s that carbon steel contains 1% carbon compared to cast iron having 2-3% carbon. Carbon steel can better withstand inconsistent heat distribution, which is a better option for grills as heat is never uniform.

Note: When the grill grate arrives, it will be unseasoned and have a silver finish. Over time and with use, it will develop its signature dark color shown in the reference imagery.



  • Center Grill Grate INCLUDED
  • Various Weber cooktop/ grill grate replacement insert sizes available
  • Mix and match, modular design
  • Various sizes available
  • 100% Carbon Steel
  • Will not break if dropped, similar to cast iron or porcelain coated grates
  • Grill is seasoned with use
  • Virtually Maintenance-free
  • Can be left outside year-round
  • Designed and made in the USA